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EMPO Consulting is built on its foundational philosophy of “Enabling Maximum Potential” for your business.

We specialize in helping Canadian businesses streamline their development processes and maximize their resources through efficient and effective management strategies.

Our core services comprise of project planning and management, budget analysis, and tech funding. Learn more about our services below.

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Project Planning and Management

Our project planning and management strategies help get your project to where it needs to be. We help you through each step of the planning and management process with documentations, deliverables, schedules, and requirements. Our distinctive approach will help you manage time, costs, quality, changes, risks, and other related elements from the confirmation to the delivery of the project.

Budget Analysis

With any project, one of the biggest constraints is budget. We help you effectively manage, allocate, and issue your finances with your project’s respective requirements. We can help you gather and analyze data and prepare financial proposals.

Tech Funding

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) is a government tax incentive program that encourages Canadian businesses in all facets and industries to conduct technical research and development in Canada.

Why submit a SR&ED claim?

1. You can deduct your SR&ED expenditures against your income for the current or a future year.
2. You can earn the SR&ED tax credit and use it to reduce your income tax payable.

Eligible Expenditures:

  • Salaries and wages
  • Subcontractor costs Materials
  • Overhead and other expenditures

What’s the Claiming Process with EMPO?

Step 1

Determine SR&ED eligibility of your business and identify eligible activities and projects.

Step 2

Gather, identify, and consolidate all related evidence and documentation supporting SR&ED claim and expenditures.

Step 3

Prepare technical report for each SR&ED project.

Step 4

Prepare SR&ED tax schedules and file SR&ED claim with your corporate tax return. Wait for tax return!

Let EMPO help determine your eligibility and maximize your tax return.